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We help you in creating a financial strategy that represents your personal situation. Our goal is an approach centered around your life’s priorities. Learn how we can help create some financial serentity back in your life.



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Debts That Can Be Discharged

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Credit Cards

We know Credit debt isn’t just a result of irresponsible spending. Filing for bankruptcy is a responsible solution.

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Past Due Rent

Even if there’s a substantial severance pay, job loss can quickly deplete one’s savings and assets.

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Medical Bills

You can keep your health insurance eventhough you have medical bills that might require you to file for bankruptcy.

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Rising costs of heating, air conditioning, electric and other utilities can quickly help pave the way to bankruptcy.

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Divorce is a costly business, even without counting lawyers’ fees. Filing for bankruptcy is sometimes the best solution.

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Emergencies can hover just around the corner. Just one of these events can quickly drain savings that took years to accumulate.

Meet some of our happy customers

Read some of the success stories of those who took action and got the help they needed.

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"After a car wreck and a couple surgeries I was in a really tough spot financially. BkSolutions helped get me back on my feet fast and easy."

- Jerard P. Atlantic City, NJ

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"I was getting crushed with credit card debt and paying my kids student loans back. BkSolutions helped settle out my debt and save my credit score."

- Krista P. Greenberg, NC

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“I lost my job and went into debt using my credit cards to cover my monthly bills. BkSolutions helped me get right without messing up my credit.”

- Eduardo T. New Orleans, LA

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